Active ingredient of "skin whitener". Inhibit tyrosinase activity that causes to skin whitening. Promote brightening and even skin tone. Alpha-arbutin is water-soluble, white powder.


 Sodium ascorbyl phosphate


Sodium ascorbyl phosphate has a function to stop melanin production by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase; remove spots and give lightening skin.



Ascorbyl Glucoside
A new generation of Vitamin C derivative. Stops melanin production by inhibiting activity of tyrosinase; 
Preventing skin inflammation caused bysun light; improve skin color; Boosts collagen, increasing elasticity of the skin.



Kojic dipalmitate
Kojic dipalmitate it can improved derivative of kojic acid because instability of kojic acid to light, heat and metal ion,
while maintaining inibitation on tyrosinase activity, blocking production of melanin more effectively. Efficient whitening agent for skin lightening formulations.


Tranexamic acid
High effective skin whitening agent, inhibitor of protease, stops production of melanin, those caused by UV.


Niacinamide can make skin lighter and brighter. It can give even skin tone and moisturizer effect. 



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