A Delicate Love Story

When you think you are alone, you are still surrounded by billions of invisible allies. They inhabit the skin surface, leaving no place to foreign and hostile-organisms. These beneficial micro organisms protective anti-microbial shield form a against hostile organisms. This skin microbiota lives on a delicate balance. Daily events risk to disturb this harmony. This balance is critical in the case of baby skin, elderly skin, female intimate area and the skin of diabetic persons. When our protective micro organisms are reduced, their place can be taken by hostile organisms, such as C albicans. The skin or mucous membrane feels uncomfortable or becomes red and itchy. Ina more advanced state this can lead to infections.




Baby cosmetics: The new and still delicate skin barrier is supported to prevent C albicans infections

Femininehygiene: Works with the body. Supports the natural Lactobacillus barrier

Sensitiveskin: Strengthens the sensitive barrier, especiallyin diabetic skin

Elderlycosmetics: Increases the protective shieldin the occlusive diaper zone


An Efficient Prebiotic

The causes which disturb the delicate balance of our skin microbiota are always present. It is impossible to protect our natural balance all the time. This is especially the case for babies, elderly people and people with sensitive skin. An effective solution is to make the balance of the skin microbiota stronger against important changes. Changes such as UV light, pollutants, cleansing products, occlusive conditions of diapers. The microorganisms can be supported by a prebiotic ingredient. BIOLIN has such a prebiotic activity. BIOLIN works as a kind of food supplement for the protective skin microbiota, while the foreign and often harmful organism can not digest BIOLIN. In this way the skin microbiota is favoured over the foreign microorganisms. In the presence of BIOLIN the skin microbiota will recover faster, while the harmful ones are reduced. Eventual skin problems are prevented.

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